Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Extreme angles - The FW34

Williams released their FW34 this morning in their typical unglamorous manor in the Jerez pits just before initial season testing begins. Purely from an aesthetical view, its thumbs up for the rear and thumbs down for the nose.

Yes, Williams have gone Ferrari style with a hideous ‘boxer’ stepped nose. Even with un curved edges however it is unlikely that much aero advantage will be gained in this area. Look to the back for that...

An incredibly tighly packed rear on the Williams. One has to think the team has retained their very low gearbox in conjunction with their extreme high-angled driveshafts we saw last year. In theory the high angles should lose some efficiency but Williams seem to seek the all important aerodynamic rewards of a tightly packed rear end. Let’s hope the team can actually take advantage of this feature unlike last season and claw themselves up the grid. A fiery Maldonado and a Senna helmet in a blue liveried Williams-Renault should make for some good viewing.

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